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Animal Orthopaedics has recently become an authorized distributor of gSource Orthopedic Instrumentation.  Many of the instruments that are being offered by Animal Orthopaedics will be drop shipped directly to your practice or university, thus, enabling us to minimize our physical inventory and passing on the savings to you, the customer.


The combination of excellent quality enhanced by realistic pricing enable us to guarantee you an incomparable value.  All standard instruments are guaranteed for life against manufacturing defects of material and workmanship. Any instrument proving to be defective will be replaced or the purchase price refunded.

  • Tungsten carbide inserts are guaranteed for three years. Replaceable parts, such as springs, are guaranteed for one year.
  • This guarantee is void if instruments are not maintained or repaired properly or if they are not used for their intended surgical purpose.
  • Any unused instrument may be returned for full credit within 90 days of invoice date.

gSource Verified Quality

Every gSource instrument must pass detailed Quality Assurance (QA) tests before it can be sold. This guarantees that every instrument we sell will perform its function during critical surgical procedures. Only after an instrument has passed our QA inspection criteria will it be released to the market.

gSource instruments are manufactured from stainless steel. Stainless steel, though not truly stainless, is a highly corrosion and rust-resistant material. The metal is extremely strong and durable and has the ability to form protective or “passivation” layers. While there are more than 80 different types of stainless steel, only a dozen or so are used to make surgical instruments. Steel is chosen according to the desired flexibility, hardness, tensile strength and malleability. Some types can be hardened, others cannot. This depends on the carbon content of the steel. Steel is also composed of varying amounts of iron ore and chromium. It is the chromium that gives the steel its “stainless” properties. The chromium forms a thin surface layer which protects against corrosion. This layer acts an an invisible patina. With proper care and handling, the instruments become increasingly corrosion resistant. Most gSource surgical instruments are made from German stainless steel type 1.4021 - equivalent to American steel type 420. This steel is highly corrosion resistant and has excellent longevity when properly maintained.

Nearly all gSource instruments are heat treated. Heat treating makes the instruments hard and enables them to withstand rigorous use. Stainless steel is brought to a very high temperature and then cooled until it has reached the proper hardness. The correct heat treatment is extremely important. If the steel is too soft, it will wear out or bend prematurely; if the steel is too hard, it will be brittle and break easily. Heat treating and steel selection are just two of the more than 80 steps required to produce surgical instruments to gSource standards. We monitor and verify the accuracy of the German manufacturing process through frequent audits.